EP274: Meet Dr.Syed, the Master Chemist whose ethos is The Science of Hair and Scalp Care

A podcast episode sponsored by Uberliss

Today I am honoured to be speaking with Dr. Syed, the Master Chemist whose mission is to develop the World’s most advanced formulas for hair by using the most cutting-edge methods available in the sciences.

Dr. Syed founded Avlon Industries, Inc. in 1984. His winning strategy for formulating Avlon brands is to use ingredients that have a positive effect upon hair and skin. With the drive and personality to fight for the best formula possible, Dr. Syed’s mindset is to accomplish something which hasn’t been accomplished before. That leads us nicely into the Uberliss Bond System.

A patented bonding system suitable for all hair types, I want to get behind the Uberliss Bond System in this podcast conversation. Like what makes Uberliss different from other bond treatments, and what are the big benefits the Uberliss Bond System brings to our clients and salon businesses.

As a world authority in the textured hair sector and next year Avlon will celebrate 40 years as a company, we now see Uberliss, a patented bonding system entering into the bond market. So I’m keen to also find out from Dr. Syed on why enter the bond market and introduce a brand for all hair types?

With an abiding affinity for chemistry, Dr. Syed personally supervises every project undertaken by Avlon’s Research & Development Center. Equal to his regard for chemistry, is the respect he holds for the professional hairstylist. Always positive towards ideas and opinion of stylists, Dr. Syed is to deliver a hair science masterclass the will keep you locked in.

From Nano lipids such as Phytosterols and Ceramides to the Patented Uberliss Bond sub-micron technology, this is required listening for every hair professional serious about the hair and scalp care of their clients. Press play!

To find out even more on the Uberliss Bond System click HERE



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Thank you to Dr. Syed for joining me on todays podcast sponsored by Uber.

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