EP302: Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair with Tia Gentles (Supported by Denman Professional)

Welcome to the HTCI podcast, proudly supported by Denman Professional, featuring Tia Gentles, the reigning Denman Stage Star winner.

In the early days of HTCI, we launched a series titled ‘Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair,’ dedicated to spotlighting the industry’s most exciting and innovative rising stars. Well, it’s back!

Todays guest Tia Gentles, is a senior stylist at Whisper Hair, who is undeniably a rising star in the UK hairdressing scene. Join us as we delve into her early achievements, from capturing the prestigious title of Denman Stage Star 2022 to becoming a Fame Team Semi-finalist and her remarkable achievement of being named as a Southern Hairdresser of the Year Finalist at this years British hairdressing Awards 2023. Tia’s work is a vibrant fusion of creativity, bold colors, and rich textures.

We’re eager to explore the exhilarating world of Denman Stage Star, where Tia unravels the competition’s inner workings, teeming with game-changing opportunities, including winning a British Hairdressing Award shoot with industry icon Desmond Murray. Tia will share the behind-the-scenes story of how this shoot led to it becoming a finalist collection at this years British Hairdressing Awards.

Discover what it takes to shine in this thrilling Denman Stage Star competition, from crafting a compelling two-minute video to performing a live Instagram demo. Tia will recount her journey, competing against top talents from the UK, Ireland, and the USA, all vying for the coveted global title.

This podcast will take you on Tia’s journey, offering valuable insights for aspiring Stage Stars and sharing the lessons she’s gleaned from her prize-winning photographic shoot. Explore how her experiences have molded her goals, aspirations, and perspectives within the ever-evolving hairdressing industry.

Get ready to embark on Tia’s thrilling journey and witness her rise in the world of hairdressing.


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Thank you Tia Gentles for joining me on todays podcast.

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