EP189: Understanding and Dealing with Hair Loss, with Zoe Irwin & Mark Blake

Linked to many causes, hair loss can be deeply upsetting. Understanding and dealing with clients suffering hair loss needs to be done professionally and with sensitivity. That’s exactly what our special guests, Zoe Irwin and Mark Blake, will help us learn more about today. We owe it to ourselves, businesses and clients to tune into […]

#AskForWella Ep 1: Understanding UK Colour Trends – with Zoe Irwin (Promoted Series)

I’m really excited to be sharing with you the very first episode of our 3 part series: #AskForWella Podcast. A specially promoted series, we’ll be getting inside the minds of Wella Professionals Leading Colour Experts, sharing their top tips, hair hacks and future visions to help you smash-it in todays competitive hair colouring world. Kicking off […]