EP231: Inside the Mind Of James Earnshaw

Todays guest is Wella Professionals UKI Digital Ambassador & Content Hairdresser, James Earnshaw. We’re talking with James about what it means to be a Content Hairdresser in 2022. We’re talking about his creative process to creating content. And we’re talking about the inspirations and workings behind the latest Wella KP: ID collection shoot day. It’s a podcast […]

EP194: Luke Benson – Successful Hairdressing Career for a Generation NOW!

Todays podcast is brought to you by Wella Professionals Podcast Alert! Failing to listen into this episode today could see you miss out learning on the many exciting pathways a hairdressing career can give you in 2021.  As part of a new series for Wella Professionals just launched education website dedicated for college students and […]

EP182: ‘How To Cut It’ Review Show 2020

Firstly Happy New Year to  each and everyone of you. And thank you for listening into the How To Cut It podcast. You’re all truly appreciated by me! So lets start off the first episode of 2021 with the yearly ‘How To Cut It’ Review Show 2020. During the bleakness of the COVID-19 pandemic and […]

EP165: Bringing the World of Hairdressers Closer Together with Andrew Dunne

Meaningful connections can offer support and guidance amongst your peers. This is why the rise of Facebook Group communities are playing a huge role for many of us right now. In todays episode you’ll be learning why belonging to such communities can offer you these things as well a providing the opportunity to shine within […]

EP150: Wella Colour Conversation Live from London, with Jordanna Cobella.

In Partnership with www.wella.com Todays episode is very special for two reasons. Firstly, I’m delighted to reach the landmark of 150 ‘How To Cut It‘ episodes, and secondly, to celebrate this I’m bringing you a slice of hairdressing history – the worlds first ever recorded podcast live hair event in partnership with Wella Professionals UK, […]

149: Fergal Doyle – Everything You Need to Know to Becoming a Hairdressing Influencer

In todays podcast, I’m joined by Global Community and Engagement manager for Wella Passionistas, Fergal Doyle. In this episode he will be debunking the strategies to everything you need to know to becoming a hairdressing influencer. This includes choosing your social platform, develop the right content strategy, understanding your story and engaging with you followers. […]