EP271: Danielle Garner – Working with your Intuition

Are you someone that follows that feeling you get in your gut when you instinctively know that something you are doing is right or wrong? If so then you are not alone! For todays guest Danielle Garner working with intuition is imparative to her success. It’s this intuition that sees her lead with an open […]

EP195: The Mindful Hairdresser with Jordanna Cobella

In this weeks HTCI podcast we welcome back owner of Cobella Salon and author of ‘The Mindful Hairdresser’ book, Jordanna Cobella. Jordanna will be sharing with us all today how this book empowers hairdressers, stylists, and salon owners to optimise the synergy between human connection and technical ability. The examples and proven methods of communication and […]