EP221: David Kinigson – The Most Famous Hairdresser You Have Never Heard Of!

This past week I interviewed David Kinigson, who is an amazing haircutter based in the America with great heritage in the industry. David has worked closely with great names at the Vidal Sassoon Fifth Avenue Salon,  New York in the 1970’s and Vidal Sassoon himself contributed to David’s iconic publication, The Hairctter’s Handbook. David was […]

EP199: Tim Hartley and The New Now

Put quite simply, todays guest Tim Hartley is regarded as one of the world’s greatest hairdressers. After a 30 year career at Vidal Sassoon culminating in his renowned role as International Creative Director Tim left the corporate world to concentrate on his own stunning visions of hair design.  In this podcast today we will not […]