Building a Social Media Presence & Online Hair Community with Simon Townley

Today we launch the first of a brand new four part podcast series brought to you by leading professional haircare and hair colour brand, MATRIX. In this collaborative series we are inviting on to the show some of their ambassadors to share their industry expertise, knowledge and experiences to help you evolve your hairdressing careers. To Kick-off […]

EP187: Create Killer Content that Gets Bums on Seats, with Ben Lifton

Be honest here. Is the social content you’re creating as flat as pancake? If so, then its time we put the va-va-voom back into it. To help us do just that is todays guest, Ben Lifton – a total whizz kid when it comes to content creation! Ben has been responsible for helping thousands of hair […]

EP153: A Social Media Masterclass, with Lisa Maynard-Atem

If you’re looking to take your social media up a notch then you’ve come to the right place with this weeks podcast. This is a social media masterclass for hairdressers. Today we’re joined by social media expert Lisa Maynard-Atem, and she’s going to be covering everything from planning great social content, how to keep your […]