EP146: Matthew Sutcliffe – Taking Self-Employed Salons to Another Level. Tint Leeds

Today’s special guest is Matthew Sutcliffe. A former UK L’Oreal Colour Trophy winner and Creative Head ‘It List Guy’, Matthew is a hairdresser I’ve long admired. Most recently I’ve become a huge fan of the salon he co-owns, Tint Leeds. A salon where all it’s stylists are self-employed, Matthew got inspiration to open Tint Leeds after […]

EP107: Working as a Self-Employed Hairdresser – with Freya Haines

There’s no doubt that working as a self-employed hairdresser has never been so popular. Whether you for it or against it, it’s here to stay! But what does it take to become a self-employed hairdresser, and what could you expect?? Thats why today I’m in conversation with a leading independent hairdresser, Freya Haines, who’ll be answering […]