Classic Rerun: Gianni Scumaci – The Hidden Intelligence of a Hairdresser

Happy Christmas Holidays, Howtocutters! I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy this festive holiday season than listening in to a How To Cut It Classic Rerun podcast . And for this Classic Rerun I’ve selected one of the worlds most respected hair artists, Gianni Scumaci. Titled the ‘Hidden Intelligence of Hairdresser’, you are […]

EP126: Salon International 2019 Backstage Special

Ever since 1984 as a fourteen year old boy I’ve been attending Salon International yearly. With it’s buzzing atmosphere, educators on stages, seminars and exhibitors selling so many new and exciting products, it played a major part for me choosing a lifelong career in hairdressing. I’ll be for ever grateful to it! So for today’s […]

EP124: Ky Wilson – We Adapt, As You Evolve

I’m flying high for what’s coming your way today! Recorded live at The Social London for both todays podcast and ‘The Hair Show‘ on YouTube, we have Ky Wilson back with us again. One of of the industries most outstanding thinkers and in demand hair stylists, interviewing Ky on his home turf was a real […]

EP120: What it Means to be a Young Hairdresser in 2019 with Lizzie Williams

The hair industry has changed so quickly in ways never witnessed before! So what does this mean to be a young hairdresser who’s part of this new hairdressing landscape in 2019? At 21 years of age, todays guest Lizzie Williams represents the new heartbeat of young hairdressers. With social media and digital platforms in the […]

EP119: Why We Need to Give Young Hairdressers a Break! – with Sean Dawson

You’ve heard it all before. Young hairdressers, they’re not passionate! They can’t be bothered! They don’t work the hours we used too! Maybe you agree with these statements, but it so happens that todays guest certainly doesn’t. Joining me to discuss this contentious topic is one of our most respected British hairdressers, Sean Dawson. Today […]

EP113: Become a Hair Extensions Expert with Michelle Griffin

If like me you’re not offering hair extensions as part of your hairdressing business, then we are all potentially missing out on some seriously good revenue opportunities. At worst we may even be loosing some of our most loyal customers to rival businesses who do offer hair extensions as part of their hairdressing services. For some […]