EP189: Understanding and Dealing with Hair Loss, with Zoe Irwin & Mark Blake

Linked to many causes, hair loss can be deeply upsetting. Understanding and dealing with clients suffering hair loss needs to be done professionally and with sensitivity. That’s exactly what our special guests, Zoe Irwin and Mark Blake, will help us learn more about today. We owe it to ourselves, businesses and clients to tune into […]

Branded Episode: NEU Hair 4 Men with Stuart Munday

A branded episode sponsored by NEU Hair For Men. For more information visit: www.neuhair4men.co.uk Hair loss of any level can be deeply distressing. As hairdressers and barbers what options do we have at our disposal when it comes to offering a viable solution to clients suffering hair loss, and is not Non-Surgical Hair Replacement service or […]

EP067: Dr Sharon Wong – How to Get Ahead of Hair Loss

Hair loss from any cause is deeply traumatising for many people. Coping with hair loss is made even more challenging by confusing terminology, misleading information and a general lack of empathy towards its psychological impact. That’s why I’m really pleased to be joined by Dr Sharon Wong, a leading Consultant Dermatologist who’s going to get […]