EP308: How do we Attract the Next Generation into Barbering? with Mike Taylor

For the final episode of our collaborative podcast series with Denman Professional, I’m sitting down for a conversation with the iconic British barber, Mike Taylor. From launching his first barbershop in Newbury at the age of 20 to spearheading the renowned Bonds barbershop chain and three training academies, Mike’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. As the […]

EP302: Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair with Tia Gentles (Supported by Denman Professional)

Welcome to the HTCI podcast, proudly supported by Denman Professional, featuring Tia Gentles, the reigning Denman Stage Star winner. In the early days of HTCI, we launched a series titled ‘Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair,’ dedicated to spotlighting the industry’s most exciting and innovative rising stars. Well, it’s back! Todays guest Tia Gentles, is […]

EP272: Making a Difference through Business – The Voice of a CEO

A podcast episode sponsored by Denman Professional Having company CEO’s on the How To Cut It podcast are important! Hearing the human side of a company and what they stand for, allows us to connect with them on a much deeper level. People like to engage with other people, not companies! In our new collaborative […]

EP252: Why Winning Denman Stage Star 2021 Has Been Career Changing for James Forte

Denman Stage Star 2021 winner James Forte has had a career changing year. In this final episode of our current podcast series in Collaboration with Denman Professional, we are to talk to James on his experiences of entering Denman Stage Star and everything it has brought hime since winning. It’s a conversation for all young […]

EP242: Find and Unlock your Inner Creativity with Brandon Messinger

Are you struggling on how you can find and unlock your inner creativity? Maybe you’ve heard yourself say, “I’m just not creative?” Sound like you, then today’s episode brought to you by Denman Professional and featuring their UK Ambassador,  Brandon Messinger has your name on it! Brandon will be sharing why as hair professionals we need to […]

EP238: Alan Beak – Don’t Stand Still, Grow and Develop!

It’s a pleasure to bring back on to the How To Cut It podcast, Alan Beak, co-owner of Ruger Barber. Theres some big changes afoot for the Ruger Barber business, and today we’re learning what’s dropping soon for it. It’s exciting stuff! In Part 2 of our collaborative podcast series with Denman Professional, we get to […]

EP234: Putting Hair Professionals at the Very Heart of all That They Do, with Martyn Wady

A podcast brought to you by Denman Professional, we are going to be learning why one of the most iconic hairdressing brush brands of all time puts the hair professional at the very heart of all that they do. I’m chatting today with Denman’s International Business Manager, Martyn Wady. Martyn’s been hairdressing since leaving school early, eventually […]