EP293: Simon Butcher – A Journey into the Barbering World with ‘Hairground Lives’

Get ready to submerge into the world of barbering and men’s hairdressing as we explore the distinct disciplines and how this industry has been evolving over time. Joining us for this conversation is Simon Butcher aka Simon Hairground. With Simon’s wealth of experience as a Barber, Hairdresser, Podcaster and host of the popular weekly ‘Hairground […]

EP247: “NO SEX WE’RE BRITISH” with Dale Ted Watkins

“NO SEX WE’RE BRITISH” (Weird title, I know). But let me tell you that’s the name to the recent hair collection created by one of the most iconic names from the world of mens hairdressing and barbering, Dale Ted Watkins. A collection that explores and captures on film people who may express a combination of […]

EP244: I’m Just a Barber! with Johnny BaBa

Today Im joined on the podcast by Johnny Baba, founder and owner of the Barber Barber UK  brand of shops and product range. Never afraid to share his open and honest thoughts about the industry is why I love inviting Johnny onto the show. He has been on the show a couple of times before. If […]

EP238: Alan Beak – Don’t Stand Still, Grow and Develop!

It’s a pleasure to bring back on to the How To Cut It podcast, Alan Beak, co-owner of Ruger Barber. Theres some big changes afoot for the Ruger Barber business, and today we’re learning what’s dropping soon for it. It’s exciting stuff! In Part 2 of our collaborative podcast series with Denman Professional, we get to […]

EP202: The Barber Imposters with Paul Simmons

A couple of months back I saw a Facebook post by a respected UK barber and a How To Cut It Patreon member, Paul Simmons. His post referred to our interview with Rino Ricco in Episode 192 and how some of the points we discussed in that talked of a misunderstanding to the barbering industry. So […]

EP178: Chris Foster – How to Grow Your Industry Profile

There are many assets to a career in the hair industry. Being a brand ambassador, travelling the world working on stage, or maybe having your own online academy? But to help you on you’re journey to achieving these opportunities, building an industry profile could be key to making this happen. Something that we will be […]

EP173: Shaping Up Culture with Mark Maciver, aka SliderCuts

There are some people you come across in life that are so inspirational and motivational. Todays guest ticks all and more of these boxes. I’m in the company of a real heavyweight of the barbering industry, Mark Maciver, aka SliderCuts. On this session of the HTCI podcast we’re talking to Mark on how he’s determination […]

EP171: The Big Dilemma Facing the Hair Industry, with Joe Mills

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the hair industry and high street is beginning to show. For many of us, it’s scary times ahead for our businesses. And for todays episode we’re addressing this very real and sobering topic with former guest of the show, Joe Mills. With 50% less footfall for […]