sHair Circle Events

Become the annual headline partner for sHair Circle events

sHair Circle pop-up events, lets your your brand shine in intimate, unconventional venues.

Our events are designed to forge deep connections within the hair professional community by transforming everyday spaces into captivating venues for live gigs that inspire and invigorate. 

These gatherings are meticulously organised by our passionate community members, with a focus on creating intimate and impactful experiences for hair professionals at the local level.

Local Connections, Nationwide Impact

  • Community-Driven Initiatives: Each sHair Circle event is a product of our community’s desire to come together, share knowledge, and inspire one another, fostering a sense of unity and support amongst hair professionals.

  • Intimate & Engaging: By choosing small, unique venues, sHair Circle events ensure a close-knit atmosphere that encourages open dialogue, idea exchange, and the forging of meaningful relationships within the industry.

  • Expansion Plans: While initially focusing on local levels, there is a strategic vision to expand these invaluable gatherings across the UK, aiming to reach more professionals and enrich the national hair community.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

  • Social Media Spotlight: As a headline sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured in our Instagram and Facebook stories surrounding selected events, amplifying your visibility.
  • Visual Highlights Package: Receive a dynamic sizzle video of the event, along with a collection of vivid still photos capturing backstage moments, presenters in action, and crowd action shots. These engaging visuals not only commemorate the event but also serve as powerful marketing tools for your brand.
  • Shared on Leading Platforms: The sizzle video and select photos will be shared across How To Cut It’s social media pages, offering further reach and engagement within the professional hair community.

Join us in celebrating the craft of hairdressing through sHair Circle events under the HTCI Network and your brand