EP283: No More Fear to Scalp Bleaching with Sarah Keane, aka SLK Bleach Expert

In this episode of the HTCI podcast, I’m thrilled to have Sarah Keane, aka SLK Bleach Expert, join us to discuss all things scalp bleaching.

As the only UK-based educator whose sole focus is scalp bleaching, Sarah is a wealth of knowledge on the topic. In our conversation, we explore the common fears and myths surrounding scalp bleaching, the lack of education on the topic for many hairdressers, and Sarah’s own journey to becoming a scalp bleach specialist.

Sarah emphasises the importance of knowledge and education in overcoming the fear associated with scalp bleaching. “Once you have the knowledge behind why you would do it a specific way/how to assess suitability, etc., the skill will naturally improve, lessening the fear,” she explains. Building confidence with the service is crucial, and the more knowledge hairdressers have, the better their understanding, leading to better results.

Sarah’s approach to teaching has helped hairdressers with over 20 years of experience who had never done a scalp bleach before. Now, they are building up a return clientele.

As Sarah likes to say, “practice means progress.”With the right knowledge and practice, stylists can improve their scalp bleaching skills and provide excellent service to their clients. The results that Sarah’s students achieve are a true testament to this. It’s a fascinating conversation that any hairdresser looking to expand their knowledge on scalp bleaching won’t want to miss.

Its a perfect listen for all hair colourists! Let’s dive in!



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Thank you to Sarah keane for joining me on todays podcast.

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