EP229: Rachel Williams – One of America’s New Superstar Hair Educators

Rachel Williams is one of America’s new superstar Hair Educators. It’s easy to understand why!
With currently over 155K followers on Instagram, BTC OneShot Overall Haircut Winner 2021 and one of the originals pioneers of the modern Shag haircut currently seen all over Instagram, Rachel has built an incredible name and profile for herself. She’s joining the show today to share some of that story that’s led her to this place, and why being a hairdressing educator really matters to her.

Trained in all areas of hairdressing, you’ll learn why Rachel believes you should never niche down to just one area of expertise in hairdressing if you’re serious about being a successful hair educator. Plus we get her honest opinions on the rise of Instagram hairdressers more obsessed on dancing and their post likes, than that of providing quality content that offers real value to their followers.

We get a real understanding in this conversation with Rachel on why her legacy is all about helping new hair talent go on to achieving a great career within the industry and how she is looking to rejuvenating uninspired hairdressers in getting back their mojo for hair. I love that!

Teaching across America in hair that is wearable and beautiful, she also gives us a tease that her next step could be creating online courses, and she’s already get the studio space ready to go! It could be huge for her. So make sure you stick around and listen in.




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Thank you to Rachel Williams for joining me on todays podcast.

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