Podcast Special: Government Guidelines to Hair Salons and Barbershops Reopening, with Hilary Hall

In this very special and important podcast we’re set to go deep into the government guidelines for hair salons and barbershops reopening in the UK.  Joining me to answer your questions on this is Hilary Hall chief executive of the NHBF.

Ahead of many of us preparing to go back, theres been a lot of varying opinions on whats guidelines, whats law and yes, whats fake news! Well let me tell you that listening into todays interview will put your mind at rest, knowing firsthand that the NHBF have liaised and advised the UK government on putting the guidelines together for hairdressing and barbering businesses in England. And if you’re based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland we cover that too!

Theres so much in this that we debunk with Hilary and is something we must all listen too, so lets dive in!


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Special thanks to Hilary Hall for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Show notes

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Hillary Hall 26
  • 00 min 57 sec: Show intro.
  • 02 min 26 sec: Government guidelines for the UK?
  • 03 min 49 sec: Guidelines or law?
  • 05 min 20 sec: Are hairdressers, barbers and clients required to wear visors and masks?
  • 06 min 57 sec: Can salons offer refreshments?
  • 07 min 36 sec: Can you blow dry hair, wash hair, offering dry haircut, air conditioning and cutting children’s hair?
  • 09 min 30 sec: Appointments only and why?
  • 12 min 10 sec: Local lockdowns.
  • 12 min 51 sec: Social distancing guidelines.
  • 13 min 52 sec: Working with the government on guidelines.
  • 14 min 47 sec: Beauty salons not opening.
  • 15 min 36 sec: Clients between colour development times.
  • 16 min 28 sec: Use of neck brushes.
  • 17 min 15 sec: Can a family or a bubble visit the salon together?
  • 19 min 00 sec: PPE to wear and use.
  • 20 min 19 sec: Can apprentices work alongside stylists?
  • 20 min 48 sec: Working in shifts.
  • 21 min 26 sec: In salon training.
  • 22 min 13 sec: Reception and staff room guidelines.
  • 23 min 10 sec: Touch points to be mindful of.
  • 24 min 23 sec: Paying by cash?
  • 25 min 24 sec: Fake news?
  • 26 min 42 sec: Becoming members of the NHBF?
  • 27 min 25 sec: Hilary’s takeaway tip on the guidelines.

Todays guest

Hilary Hall became the NHBF chief executive in 2013. She was previously director of customer service and operations at the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).