HTCI Podcast

Dom Lehane hosts the UK & Irelands No.1 weekly hair industry podcast, bringing you the insights, inspirations and information to take your hairdressing and barbering careers to the next level.
David Drew: A Sat Nav Guide to Future Proofing your Salon Business
Vicki Lord: It's Time to Thrive Again!
Melenie Tudor owner of the sustainable salon Enroute
Melanie Tudor: How and Why Your Salon Business Needs to Become More Sustainable
steve 3
Steven Buzassy: The Hungarian Hairstylist Who Found His Calling in Education
EP309: Heather Robertson – Find Success as a Solo Hairdresser and Educator
EP308: How do we Attract the Next Generation into Barbering? with Mike Taylor
EP307: ‘YOU’RE A WASTE OF TIME!’ – Dealing with those Negative Inner Thoughts, featuring Anne Veck
EP304: Why Salon International 2023 is a Must-Go Event for all Hairdressers and Barbers, with Jez Barnett
EP303: Mustafa Hassan's Colour-B Revolution
EP302: Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair with Tia Gentles (Supported by Denman Professional)