EP227: Pivot! Why It’s Time for a New Direction in 2022

A drastic career change may not be for everyone. But gently pivot on your career journey might be just the change your life needs. As I once read in a book, “The only move that matters is your next one!” I love this and that’s why today I wanted to talk about ‘why it’s time to pivot in a new direction for 2022’.

Life is packed full of surprising twists and turns. I don’t know about you, but from time to time I do love a change of direction. For me this keeps everything fresh and exciting –– something that I’m currently doing right now. Yep, I’m pivoting again as I prepare for the biggest overhaul to How to Cut it since we launched the podcast in 2017.

I know to pivot isn’t easy, event if it feels right. If you know you need a new direction –– you can still feel the fear and some self doubt. But that’s okay. If you don’t feel this stuff, in some way you’re probably not being honest with yourself.

Pivoting your career is not for everyone. If it doesn’t feel right, put it off until it does. If it does, embrace it. The new journey could take you to some new magical places that you just don’t know exists right now. I’ve certainly found that to be the case. So if pivoting could be for you in 2022, then join me as we all go in a new direction together in the year ahead. Let’s smash it!



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