EP294: Valuable Insights and Strategies for Salon Business Success, with Liz McKeon

Today’s episode I’m to be joined by Liz McKeon, a salon business expert. Liz is to share her expertise on business development in the hair, beauty, and spa sectors.

In our conversation we will also cover customer care, up-selling, cross-selling, and the importance of every team member as a financial asset in the business. Liz also discusses Shear Haven, an organisation providing anti-domestic violence training for salon owners and stylists, highlighting the significance of recognising and addressing domestic violence in the salon industry.

Liz’s journey as a salon business expert began with her own experience running successful businesses. She emphasises the importance of providing excellent customer service and maximising client spending. Liz’s expertise has been shaped by opening a small salon focused on retail, where she proved that retail can account for a substantial portion of salon turnover.

Later into the podcast we hear from Liz on the transformational potential of the hair industry, drawing from lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. She emphasises the need to leverage the industry’s importance in clients’ lives, focusing on the overall experience rather than just a single service.

Liz offers practical advice on consultation, taking clients on a hair journey, and prioritising exceptional customer service to cultivate client satisfaction, rebookings, and positive recommendations.

Join us as Liz shares her valuable insights and strategies for business success in the salon industry.



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Thank you to Liz McKeon for joining me on todays podcast.

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