EP260: Embrace Working with Textured & Curly Hair with Lisa Farrall

Do you embrace working with textured & curly hair?

For the third of our collaborative podcast series with MATRIX UKI, we are getting a masterclass on why we need to embrace working with textured & curly hair. We’re talking everything from texture equality right through to the different types of curls and how to recognise them. Theres so much to take from this episode!

Giving us this masterclass today is the Award Winning Hair Session Stylist and MATRIX UKI ambassador, Lisa Farrall. The unpologetically authentic Lisa knows her stuff when it comes to working with textured and curly hair. She won the first ever Creative Head Texture Expert award in 2021 and is recognised globally as an activist spreading the message of TEXTURE EQUALITY! Go Lisa..!

Today we are to get Lisa’s no-nonsense-always-be-nice but honest approach to why we need to be fearless when working with textured & curly hair. She will also be sharing why she loves working with MATRIX ‘A Curl Can Dream’ range of products on textured & curly and some technique thrown in for good measures, too.

Lisa has been making heads turn in the hair industry fort over 25 years and in she’s about to do that in this episode when it comes to why you should embrace working with textured and curly hair. Enjoy!


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Todays podcast is in collaboration with MATRIX.

Matrix haircare and hair colour


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Thank you to Lisa Farrall for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Show notes

Heres some of what we cover in todays podcast with Lisa Farrall.
  • 04 min 20 sec: Winner of Creative Head’s first ever Texture Expert award.
  • 05 min 32 sec: Lisa’s journey to becoming a textured hair activist.
  • 10 min 05 sec: Why we are afraid to embrace textured hair.
  • 11 min 21 sec: Lisa’s thoughts on educational establishments.
  • 13 min 14 sec: Insight into learning the science of textured hair.
  • 14 min 55 sec: All hair types and equality.
  • 16 min 13 sec: Understanding what textured hair is.
  • 18 min 29 sec: Matrix ‘A Curl Can Dream’.
  • 19 min 56 sec: Techniques and tips to creating beautiful curls and texture.
  • 25 min 20 sec: Lisa’s go to range of products for textured and curly hair that creates movement not frizz
  • 26 min 57 sec: Curly hair trends getting more embraced.
  • 28 min 48 sec: How to attract curly and texture neutral clients.
  • 31 min 33 sec: We all need to start somewhere learning curly and textured hair.
  • 34 min 44 sec; Being fearless in textured and curly hair.
  • 38 min 28 sec: The curl guide numbering system.
  • 40 min 13 sec: Identifying the right Matrix products to use on curly textured hair.
  • 43 min 45 sec: Education on courses with textured and curly hair.

Todays guest

TV Judge of E4’s Big Blow Out, Lisa Farrall is an Award Winning Hair Session Stylist, Texture Expert, Designer & Educator. She has been making heads turn in the industry for over 25 years working with Celebrities, Music Artists and TV personalities both in the U.K and internationally. She has played a part in music videos for Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Kendrick Lemar and Harry Styles to name a few. Lisa is all about is a digital system that allows you to manage information and deliver high-quality work with less effort and stress.  
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