EP233: Why You Need to Work ‘ON’ and Not ‘IN’ your Salon Business, with Jessica Crane

Ask yourself this: Right now, are you working ON or IN your salon business? Answering IN could be the reason why your salon business always seems to struggle compared to the ones that are reaching massive successes.

Two weeks ago, we chatted with leading Salon Business Coach, Jessica Crane. With over 20 years industry experience, Jessica has helped hundreds of salon owners across the globe run the business of their dreams. Dreams like living the life they dreamed of when they first opened their salon door.

Today I want to talk to Jessica on the things that could help you reach them dreams, too. I mean dreams like HOW to make more money without working in your salon.

In typical HTCI podcast we’re about to deep-dive into mastering the right business mindset to achieving these dreams – because I think it’s important to understand your salon business will only ever be as successful as you are.

This conversation with Jessica is absolutely going to shape how you look at running and marketing your salon business in a new approach, and how we can plan to pivot quickly with market changes and buyer behaviours. In truth, there’s so much to get from this episode today! So let’s get stuck in.



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Thank you to Jessica Crane for joining me on todays podcast.

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