EP010: Ky Wilson – Creating a unique brand identity

Having yourself a unique brand identity could make the difference between standing out or not in the hairdressing industry.

Here in our 10th episode, I’m thrilled to have a visit from hairdressing entrepreneur Ky Wilson. Today, we’re going to get into Ky’s thought process behind building both he’s super cool personal persona ‘Ky Cut Wilson’ and his business, The Social.

Originally meeting Ky back in 2013, I’ve been super excited to see how his awesome talent and industry reputation has grown. The DNA of the Ky Cut Wilson brand mirrors himself: energy, positivity, creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm. Today, he’ll tell why this is so important to him.

In this episode, you’ll learn from Ky why it’s so important to be true to who you are. Walking us through his career to date, doing more of what makes you happy, and how his business The Social is pushing the boundaries of the hair industry with it’s fresh and original approach.

If your looking to create a unique brand identity for you and your business, then listen in – Ky has a few things you’ll definitely want to hear.
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