EP001: Dom Lehane – Introduction to the How To Cut It Podcast

What the heck is the ‘How To Cut It In The Hairdressing Industry’ podcast all about?
A series of podcasts giving you the insights, inspirations and information to take your hairdressing and barbering careers to the next level! Devised by Dom Lehane, the ‘How To Cut It’ first HTCI podcast is a welcome to the series. Listen to Dom explaining what you can expect to hear over the coming weeks, months and years. He’s also sharing a little more on his hairdressing career to date including starting out as a 16-year-old working at Trevor Sorbie in London’s Covent Garden. You can find out how his path eventually led him to become a salon owner, and to the lightbulb moment when he dreamed up HairClubLive.

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• Dom says, if you’re interested in becoming a guest for a future HTCI show, leave him a message at the bottom of the post or contact twitter @dominiclehane.
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Show notes

In Episode 1 you’ll learn
  • 1min 14 sec – How To Cut It – why a podcast?
  • 3 min 9 sec – What we’re bringing you over the coming weeks, months and years
4 min 56 sec – About How To Cut It – the insights, inspirations and information
  • 6 min 55 sec – My early hairdressing career
  19 min 41 sec – When I became a salon owner
  • 21 min 09 sec – Opening our mens grooming centre
  • 23 min 39 sec – Expanding to Dominic Lehane Hairdressing
  • 24 min 35 sec – Promoting events
  • 27 min 36 sec – HairClubLive, that lightbulb moment
  • 34 min 42 sec – The birth of #OpenChairNight
  • 37 min 39 sec – Going forward

Todays guest

HTCI podcast show host Dom Lehane is the founder of HairClubLive and the owner of Dominic Lehane Salon in rural Northamptonshire, East Midlands, UK. A fourth generation hairstylist, celebrating more than 30 years in the industry, Dom is regarded by many as an expert in the hair industry, whose underlying passion is to present all the amazing opportunities available to today’s hairdressers and barbers.