EP254: From £30 to TikTok Hair Sensation – Heffy Wheeler’s Journey to Recovery

Heffy Wheeler is a prime example of todays digital hair generation who has literally built their success on social media. But behind all this success lies a story much deeper to the person than just the content posts and videos we all adore seeing.

With just £30 in her pocket and Instagram and Facebook pages, Heffy Wheeler utilised her social media to grow HX Hair business into a multi-award winning salon. Thats where we start the story today with Heffy. But like all stories, it’s never plain sailing. This certainly rings true for Heffy.

After falling pregnant, Heffy developed ‘perinatal’ mental health illness. It was one of the darkest moments in her life. She says, “I felt so detached from this period of my life”. However with her fearless determination, coping stratergies and support from her husband she has battled back. We get to hear how she is now using her channels to raise awareness of mental health and get people talking about a subject that’s extremely close to her heart.

Then final part of the podcast is all TikTok. Heffy reveals how during lockdown she threw herself into what was then, a relatively new platform. Being on TikTok so early was a move that proved very fruitful for both her and her salon business.  You’ll hear why in our conversation today!

Now regarded as a leading TikTok Hairdressing Star, Heffy is also going to share with us her tips and tricks that are perfect for all of you wanting to build success on TikTok, too.

If you love hearing a story with a journey, then Howtocutter’s, you’ll love this episode with Heffy Wheeler. Let’s go to it!



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Thank you to Heffy Wheeler for joining me on todays podcast.

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