EP310: Vicki Lord – It’s Time to Thrive Again!

Buckle up because today’s episode is a rollercoaster ride with celebritysession stylist and TV Hair Expert, Vicki Lord.

In this riveting episode, Vicki bares it all, recounting the highs and lows of her journey, from the closing of her salon business during COVID to her comeback trail. But the narrative doesn’t conclude there—brace yourself for an intimate exploration of Vicki’s personal realm, learning about her courageous journey of coming out after a 20-year marriage and battling health issues like ear tumours and hearing loss.

We kick things off by delving into Vicki’s  stint as a TV Hair expert on QVC. She spills the beans on her experiences of being in the spotlight on a shopping channel, offering a sneak peek behind the scenes of live television glam.

This conversation is a potent testament to resilience, triumph, and the unyielding strength to kick arse and thrive again! And remember, as Vicki rightly puts it, “You are never too old to educate yourself in the industry.”

And, be sure to stay tuned as she unravels the fascinating journey behind her new course, ‘Vivid Colour Science,’ revealing how she stumbled upon it and the intriguing ways colors evoke different emotions. It’s a tale that resonates far beyond the salon chairs, exploring the vibrant palette of life itself.


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Thank you to Vicki Lord for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next time Howtocutter’s, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Show notes

  • 0:04:21 Early Career and Introduction to TV Shows
  • 0:13:46 Embracing Hearing Aids: Vicky’s Confidence Boost
  • 0:15:33 Battling with hearing loss and surgeries
  • 0:21:05 Adapting to a New Family Dynamic
  • 0:27:04 COVID as a Saving Grace and Taking a Break to Heal
  • 0:29:42 The Journey to Becoming a Master Colour Expert
  • 0:32:27 Embracing Age and Restarting a Career
  • 0:37:38 Exploring Vivid Colour Science and Artistic Techniques
  • 0:40:09 The Importance of Colour Combinations in Hairdressing
  • 0:45:11 The Benefits of Understanding Color Harmonies for Hair Stylists
  • 0:49:31 Launching Online Courses and In-Person Workshops
  • 0:51:56 Advice for Building a Successful Career: Don’t Give Up, Keep Educating Yourself
  • 0:52:26 Overcoming Challenges in Hairdressing

Todays guest

Vicki Lord is an award-winning celebrity and session stylist. Vicki is a master of her craft, a Vidal Sassoon trained hairstylist, Wella Master Colour Expert, Educator and TV hair expert with a passion for bridal hair.

Her celebrity clientele includes Shona McGarty, Sam Faiers, Roxy Horner, Tess Daly, Macy Gray and Kara Tointon. 

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