EP189: Understanding and Dealing with Hair Loss, with Zoe Irwin & Mark Blake

Linked to many causes, hair loss can be deeply upsetting. Understanding and dealing with clients suffering hair loss needs to be done professionally and with sensitivity. That’s exactly what our special guests, Zoe Irwin and Mark Blake, will help us learn more about today. We owe it to ourselves, businesses and clients to tune into this episode. It will take us deeper into why being more knowledgeable on hair loss will be critical post-COVID-19.

With lots of reports in the press linking COVID-19 to hair loss, do we know of any proof that connect the two?

Leading globally recognised trichologist and NIOXIN Ambassador, Mark Blake, says this pandemic has had a major impact on hair loss. However, it is not just those who have had COVID-19 who will be suffering from hair loss, for many people the past year has been incredibly stressful, and stress and hair loss are intricately connected.

Being an all-round hair professional, hair loss is a conversation that we all need to have. But let’s get honest here! The topic of hair loss is very easy to get lost in such a creative industry that we all work. Also throw into the mix the understanding the science behind it, has many of us running for the hills in fear.

But fear not! NIOXIN Editorial Ambassador and one of the hairdressing most inspirational figureheads, Zoe Irwin, says, “Don’t try and be too medical when it comes to talking about hair loss to your clients. Use language clients really understand!” And being able to offer Nioxin, the world’s number one¹ Global Selling Salon Brand for thicker, fuller² hair, gives you the comfort in knowing that you have the solutions at your disposable when it comes to dealing with hair loss many of our clients will be suffering post–COVID-19.

Let’s go to it!




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Thank you to Zoe Irwin and Mark Blake for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.


Show notes

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Mark Blake and Zoe Irwin
  • Start: Introduction.
  • 08 min 21 sec: Why Nioxin is the hair care range for hair loss.
  • 13 min 57 sec: The growing conversation around hair loss in the press.
  • 15 min 40 sec: Understanding the scalp.
  • 21 min 10 sec: Learning more knowledge on hair loss.
  • 22 min 31 sec: Nioxin Anti Hair Loss Serum.
  • 23 min 51 sec: How hair loss clues comes from smell of hair.
  • 28 min 46 sec: Is hair loss linked to COVID-19?
  • 31 min 12 secCommunicating the right message to clients on hair loss.
  • 34 min 28 sec: Having the right hair loss products and advise to retail to clients.
  • 45 min 22 sec: What ingredients should we be looking out for and why?
  • 47 min 26 sec: Talk about hair loss in a language clients really understand.
  • 49 min 38 sec: Mark and Zoe’s big takeaway on advising about hair loss to clients

Todays guest

Mark Blake Nioxin Ambassador, Mark Blake, is a successful salon owner with salons in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Cirencester, as well as an Internationally recognised Harley Street trichologist. He is the ‘go-to’ Trichologist recommended by the UK’s top hairdressers.
Mark Blake on Instagram Mark Blake Trichology Zoe Irwin on Instagram #AskForWella Ep 1: Understanding UK Colour Trends – with Zoe Irwin (Promoted Series) EP024: Zoe Irwin – The Stella McCartney of hairdressing Nioxin.com


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