EP186: The New Era of Artistic Teams, with Craig Chapman & Ashleigh Hodges

I’m always excited to learn of new concepts and ideas for our hair industry. So for todays podcast we’re about to learn why HAIRDOTCOM Art Team has been described as the new era of Artistic Teams, that’s changing the face of the hairdressing industry by bringing us the first ever collective Art Team.

The brainchild of former guest of the show Ashleigh Hodges and Craig Chapman, HAIRDOTCOM Art Team brings together a collaboration of talented hairdressers from across the globe.

In this conversation we learn about this unique Art Team and how no matter what salon or brand it’s collective members work for, they each come together to collaborate on everything from working backstage on a TV show, advertising campaigns or with celebrities at the major awards, to the creation of editorial haircuts, the perfect balayage or delivering a brand’s education programme. The HAIRDOTCOM Art Team consists of leading hairdressers, stylists, photographers and well-being experts..

With the rise of online education, the HAIRDOTCOM Art Team has recently launched HAIRDOTCOM at Home, that brings essential hairdressing education to salons stuck in lockdown. I’m keen to find out more on this, too.

What I love most about the HAIRDOTCOM Art Team is it’s ethos of bringing the industry together and showing the true power of collaboration. Take a listen to hear why.



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Thank you to Craig Chapman & Ashleigh Hodges for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



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