EP180: Anna Chapman – From Salon Hairdresser to International Session Stylist

If you dream of being a session hairstylist, then this podcast is essential listening for you.

Going from a salon hairdresser to international session stylist working on fashion weeks around the world is something that todays guest, Anna Chapman, has achieved. Her story will give you the belief and confidence that anything is possible if you have an underlying passion to reach them goals of yours.

An International Session Stylist based in London, Anna heads up teams at fashion weeks around the world with many of the biggest names from the fashion industry.A former BHA ‘Newcomer of the Year’ and L’Oreal Mens Colour Trophy winner, Anna is represented by the internationally Julian Watson Agency and the Founder & Creative Director of Session Kit.

Anna has so much to share today on how she went from a schoolgirl dreaming of doing hair for the fashion world, to being a salon hairdresser in Portsmouth, that led her to Trevor Sorbie, Brighton and eventually into the world of session. And if that wasn’t enough for you all, she’s to reveal why she created fashion-led hairstyling essentials used by top session stylists, Session Kit. It’s a belter of an episode that will draw you in from start to finish. Lets go to it.


Tune in to the Xtra Show #17 Being a Session Stylist with Anna Chapman HERE



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Thank you to Anna Chapman for joining me on todays podcast.

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