EP170: Why You Need to be Podcasting, with Kristina Russell

Podcast listeners have grown by 37.5% over the last 3 years, whilst 55% of Americans have listened to podcasts. Yes, podcasting is getting big and shows no sign of slowing up. With this in mind isn’t it time your business or brand considers creating a podcast? For todays guest Kristina Russell, podcasting has become an essential part of her hair education business. Something she’s about to share with us all in this episode.

An exceptionally talented and truly dynamic artist and educator, Kristina Russell has been at the pinnacle of hairdressing education for more than two decades and has been privileged to be exposed to the many dimensions of the educational domain throughout her illustrious career. In June 2010, her creative influence on our industry earned her the coveted title ‘Australian Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year’. And more recently, she has been announced as a Finalist in the category of Best Independent Educator of the Year in the 2020/21 Australian Hair Industry Awards.

Through workshops, digital and print media, her role as industry mentor has been not only to help hairdressers achieve their goals, but to provide them with flexible pathways for learning across a multitude of platforms. Not afraid of change and willingness to grab the power of a new age media, It’s little wonder then why Kristina got behind the mic to launch her ‘Colour Kristina Talks Podcast’.

Being part of the podcasting family, I’m a huge fan of Kristina’s podcast and approach to digital.  She is part of a new generation of hairdressers that have seen the endless possibilities having your own podcast can bring. As Kristina says in our conversation today, “2020 is the year of the voice” and thats why you need a podcast.

So lets get you ready for the new age digital revolution – podcasting.


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