EP166: How a Lockdown Sensation Overcame a Fear of Going LIVE, with Sheree Thompson

If you want to get your hair work out there in 2020, then you need to ‘Go Live’. But heres the thing: for many of us the thought of going live strikes the fear of life out of us. For todays guest Sheree Thompson this is exactly what she had to overcome, too.

By stepping in front of the camera and hitting the ‘Go Live‘ button, salon owner and bridal hair specialist Sheree went against all her natural nerves by doing just this, but gee-whiz, it’s paid off big time for her.

After a Live appearance on the Facebook group, Hair Socials, over twenty thousand viewers were immersed in her bridal hair work. From this Live, Sheree’s standing as a leading bridal hair specialist went up to a higher level and that has seen her bridal online education courses gain many new students.

Now I want you to ask yourself something, “Am I prepared to step outside of my comfort zone and hit the button to ‘Go Live‘?” If thats you, then take the next step nearer to making it happen by listening into this episode. I know that Sheree’s words will give you the confidence to do just that.


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Thank you to Sheree Thompson for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

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