EP158: Why the Hair Industry Must Change, with Farah Khan

Discrimination and lack of opportunities for Black, Asian and minority ethnics (BAME) in 2020 is sadly still very real in the hair industry. In light of the recent events around the world, I feel it’s the right time to bring you this podcast covering this matter. Joining me for it is Farah Khan, an asian hairdresser who has worked in many leading salons. Sharing some of her personal experiences within the hair industry that includes discrimination and lack of opportunities Farah says, “This conversation is not comfortable but one we need to have.”

At 16 Farah started her hairdressing with Vidal Sassoon where she spent time assisting Mark Hayes and Edward Darley. On completing her training she went to explore the mainstream hairdressing world further. Unfortunately it was at this point she discovered a very big divide, no diversity and where she was never seen as part of the team. And even more alarmingly she was denied opportunities with some leading salon names and agencies due to her appearance of wearing a hijab (headscarfs) and abaya (loose over-garment).

With experiencing such negativity, Farah has become passionate that brands and the mainstream hair industry must make changes. By all becoming more inclusive, diversity being part of the hiring process, not afraid of dialogue and being ready to learn will all help in Farah’s mission to encourage those from her community to enter into our more open and inclusive hair industry world.

As Farah passionately says, “It is a constant struggle as my community are not fairly represented and hence fewer people entering the industry. I have been campaigning for change for a long time, when I see injustice I speak up and try to educate and create an environment of dialogue.”

Both myself and Farah hope that this podcast today will start the stepping stone towards change within our industry.


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Special thanks to Farah Khan for joining me today.

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