EP142: I Can Do This – Opening My Own Salon Business, with Sophie Bullivant

If your fearful of becoming a salon owner, then today’s podcast is set up to inspire you. Let me introduce you to today’s guest Sophie Bullivant – aka Colour Me Sophie B ™. A Master Colour Expert, Sophie reveals big in this episode on what made her frightened of her owning a salon business. The turning point came after receiving some one-to-one business coaching, that she credits to the shift of mindset to her becoming a salon owner by saying, “I can do this”. In 2017 Sophie opened her salon business, Colour Me Sophie B. The rest is history.

Describing herself as a normal (sassy) hairdresser, Sophie is the heartbeat of what it means to be an everyday salon owner in 2020. Though her career journey has not always been plain sailing. Fighting through a global recession and a sheer lack of education led her constantly fully booked column to drastically drop off. This was devastating for Sophie. But with her never give up attitude saw her through these bleak times that has led her to the where she is today. This story of her’s shines through in today’s episode.

With her fun personality, it’s hard to ignore her infectious style on social media. Never shy of her uniques sassy social posts, she’s caught the attention of the industry – and most importantly successfully marketed her salon business to the consumer. Something she rightly sees as the most important part of her social media strategy.

Sophie conquered her fear of launching her own salon business, and you can too! With her small everyday salon business thriving, she is the role model many need for finding success. As Sophie simply says of her success, “We make our guests feel as good on the inside as they feel on the outside.” So ask yourself: Is it time to let go of your fear and take the big step to launching your salon business? You can do this!


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Special thanks to Sophie Bullivant for joining me today.

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