EP134: Joe Mills – Creating Successful High Street Hair Brands

Today’s guest Joe Mills has been grabbing my attention for sometime now. Why? Because not only is he a hugely respected men’s session stylist who’s work I love, but he’s gone about creating successful high street hair brands. With brands that includes The Lounge Soho, Jo and Co Barbershop, and his recently launched new brand, MILLS, in select Primark stores nationwide, Joe shares today his story on how he’s gone about building these high street brands – including the process of setting up the Mills concessions business within Primark stores.

Joe is a humble, honest and nice guy. His first-hand experience on what is takes to build and run a high street hair brand from scratch – warts and all – is rich in valuable knowledge for us all. It’s for these reasons why I’m psyched in having a conversation with Joe. Being in hair since he was 15, Joe moved to London in 1991, where he landed at the Fish in Soho. It was in 1998 that Joe took the leap into opening his first business, The Lounge Soho. The learning process to building and running a high street hair brand had begun. Something he’ll be explaining to us all today.

Don’t think building successful high street hair brands comes easy. As a parent juggling childcare alongside running his brands and working on the shop floor, Joe is a perfect example on what can be achieved through dedication, passion and talent. So ask yourself: have you got all that about you? If yes, then creating a successful high street hair brand could be in your locker too.

There are so many amazing nuggets of wisdom and insights that Joe shares in helping you achieving that dream of maybe running a successful high street hair brand, so listen in to the full episode and enjoy.


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Special thanks to Joe Mills for joining me today.

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