EP130: Challenging Mental Health Within the Hairdressing Industry – with KT Williams

Welcome to the first of a 3 week instalment series dedicated to mental health and wellbeing awareness within the hairdressing industry. A subject that is very close to me, I’m delighted to have kicking-off the series hairdresser and founder of #cutoutthestigma campaign, KT Williams. After years of battling with her own mental health, KT discovered the day she wanted to help others suffering mental health within the hair industry, when an apprentice suffered a panic attack at the salon she worked in on the apprentices first day of working. She was just 15, and super keen to be a hairdresser!

A smiley and hardworking apprentice, KT could see a lot of that apprentice in herself. Then she saw her panic! For KT it was history painfully repeating itself, so a realisation happened that she could help. As KT says, “Whatever I did on that day worked and to this day the then 15 year old apprentice had become more confident and strong knowing that she wasn’t alone.” It also dawned on KT that her niece wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up and this could one day be her. “If I could alter the industry, for them both, make it a safe place to talk, be themselves and most of all,  inspire them to encourage others that its okay to open up, it could start a revolution within the next generation of hairdressers.” Inspired and empowered from all of this, KT established in March 2018  #cutoutthestigma campaign in 2018.

#Cutoutthestigma is a campaign challenging mental health awareness within the hairdressing industry. A simple format any salon can adapt, the campaign within salons nationally is looking to change the face of the industry by having a structured well being service integrated into it. We get to learn today how the campaign is built around providing a safe salon place for both clients and staff suffering with mental health. KT’s ambition is to link mental health awareness with the hairdressing industry through the qualification, something she explains in today’s episode. But KT makes clear by saying, “Cut Out The Stigma is not a diagnosis facility, or an added extra to our job. It is utilising the information we are given to suggest and direct to the correct organisations to help support our team and clients.”

According to the Mind Charity, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problems each year.  Theres no getting away from the fact that mental health is an epidemic. The hope of listening in to the inspirational Katie today is that it will empower us all to get behind the #cutoutthestigma campaign, so that we can teach the next generation about resilience, self care and finding their voice. You’ll take so much from the podcast, so go ahead and hit that play button.


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Special thanks to Katie Williams for joining me today.

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