EP128: Jody Taylor – One of the Worlds Most Sought After Editorial Mens Hairdressers

Today we’re in the wonderful company of Jody Taylor – one of the worlds most highly rated and sought after editorial mens hairdressers.

With his signature style firmly set in British youth-culture trends, Jody’s sublime taste level of mens fashion cool has seen him attract some of the best in the industry becoming his biggest fans. Having him on the podcast today, we all have a prized seats to listening in to his rise and creative approach to becoming the leading editorial and session mens hairdresser he now is. Most importantly, you’ll get so inspired from the likeable Jody on what goals can be achieved in the fashion industry of mens hairdressing – if you really want it enough. So before you tune in, you’ll need to ask yourself: ‘How much do you want it’?

With Jody’s unique approach to his work, strong extensive knowledge of technical hairdressing, and love of traditional barbering, the former Mens British Hairdresser of the Year 2010/11 has built up a reputation for his forward-thinking men’s hairstyles. On the books of leading hair and make up agency, Premier Hair and Make Up, Jody works on many editorial shoots for the likes of Shortlist magazine, 7th Man, Drama, Boys by Girls, Ones to Watch, and The Independent magazine. And with his calm, cool approach, Jody has been part of London Fashion Week for over 10 seasons – both assisting and heading up teams backstage for the finest designers including Hackett, YMC, Hardy Aimes and Christopher Raeburn.

Like most of us in the industry, Jody’s career started out working as an apprentice. His story today will give us all his insights on how working at Toni & Guy London under the three year guidance of Anthony Mascolo is backbone proof on what can be achieved in the industry. But before you go to it Jody says “You need to know who you are by putting out the work you want to do”. With great advice like this and much more in this episode, it will help you get on your way to both standing out and getting noticed in the industry. It’s brilliantly inspirational!


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Special thanks to Jody Taylor for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Show notes

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode 2 min 56
  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 03 min 06 sec: The style of hairdresser Jody Taylor is?
  • >> 04 min 41 sec: Instagram a tool for work.
  • >> 07 min 49 sec: The world of editorial and session work in mens hairdressing.
  • >> 12 min 21 sec: Being seen by magazines, designers gents and winning awards.
  • >> 18 min 14 sec: The main ingredients to Jody’s success.
  • >> 19 min 46 sec: Put out the work you want to do.
  • >> 22 min 36 sec: British Youth Cultures.
  • >> 26 min 00 sec: Where jody gets inspired by youth culture.
  • >> 27 min 55 sec: Seeing your work in a magazine and front covers.
  • >> 30 min 38 sec: Working with celebrities.
  • >> 39 min 35 sec: Creative Head Most Wanted Awards.
  • >> 41 min 51 sec: What winning industry award means to your career and the creative process.
  • >> 45 min 58 sec: Where Jody is looking to improve himself.
  • >> 47 min 36 sec: Being at Jo & Co.
  • >> 49 min 34 sec: Jody’s education work.
  • >> 53 min 11 sec: Where is youth culture hair trends going.
  • >> 58 min 57 sec: Last 5 Questions.
  • >> 01 hr 01 min 51 sec: Show outro.

Todays guest

Leading editorial and session mens hairdresser, Jody Taylor began his career as an apprentice at the flagship hairdressing salon of Toni & Guy Mayfair, in 1999. For three years he studied under Anthony Mascolo as well as some of the industry’s other most influential figures. With a strong interest in men’s fashion, Jody started to work on creative shoots in his spare time. It wasn’t long before he decided to enter the British Hairdressing Awards, in which he was nominated four times as a finalist and won the title Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year 2010/11.