EP124: Ky Wilson – We Adapt, As You Evolve

I’m flying high for what’s coming your way today! Recorded live at The Social London for both todays podcast and ‘The Hair Show‘ on YouTube, we have Ky Wilson back with us again. One of of the industries most outstanding thinkers and in demand hair stylists, interviewing Ky on his home turf was a real treat for me. I last spoke to Ky on the show back in Episode 10 of 2017, and I was keen to learn how The Social had evolved since then, and hear more on his thoughts to the hair industry in 2019. And boy, you won’t be dissapointed!

If you don’t know of The Social, then you need to. The Social is at the forefront of changing how the hair industry thinks. Based in an industrial area of East London, it’s created a global lifestyle destination in a true collaborative fashion, where it encourages the flexible work ethos for the “freelancercommunity. You’ll hear how the current studio began early in 2019 with an empty space & a dream to make it an inspiring place to share with other artists and photographers. It really is a special place.

Ky is totalling up many awards to his name, not to mention his award-winning salons, The Social. With so much industry vision and creativity, we’re charmed to have him share his out of the box thinking with us all in our conversation today. Much of what Ky shares include his personal views on an industry he’s become bored of seeing, freelancers freedom to working, and creating a new business model experience.

There’s so much packed into this episode, so be sure to listen (or view on The Hair Show for the first time ever) to the whole entirety of this interview and get inside the mind of the forward thinking brilliance, that is Ky Wilson!


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Special thanks to Ky Wilson for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Show notes

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode
  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 03 min 24 sec: Welcome to the The Social London with Ky Wilson.
  • >> 06 min 05 sec: Where Ky is and The Social London.
  • >> 10 min 52 sec: A dislike of salon furniture.
  • >> 12 min 14 sec: Kitting out The Social London thats debt free.
  • >> 12 min 54 sec: Location of The Social London.
  • >> 15 min 34 sec: Background to The Social business model.
  • >> 16 min 37 sec: Freelancers freedom to working.
  • >> 19 min 50 sec: Getting sucked into the industry.
  • >> 25 min 48 sec: A client has 30 seconds to decide whether they like their hair or not.
  • >> 28 min 20 sec: A clients experience with Ky.
  • >> 29 min 36 sec: Why Ky’s oversubscribed with hairdressers work and bored of the industry??
  • >> 35 min 06 sec: The new business model experience of the industry.
  • >> 38 min 17 sec: The Social Sounds and other concepts.
  • >> 39 min 55 sec: Why building a brand aesthetic has to be right.
  • >> 41 min 59 sec: The Social concept being replicated by others.
  • >> 43 min 31 sec: Ky on being a father.
  • >> 46 min 17 sec: Last 5 Questions.
  • >> 47 min 33 sec: Show outro.

Todays guest

Ky Wilson, the Founder of the The Social STUDIO a unique space in the city of East, where he wanted to evolve the already well established hairdressers. Beginning his love affair in Kendal, the Lake District before relocating to London where has put every waking hour honing his skills, which has fuelled his passion to move forward. Named winner of Creative Head Magazine ‘The Entrepreneur’ and Hairdressers Journal Barber of the Year, Ky has enthusiasm for design through the development of his brand, helping him become a diverse and creative hairstylist.