EP103: Why Spring Became the UK’s First Dedicated Curly Hair Salon – with Matthew Surplice

I’m being honest, if you were to have told me sometime back that a salon business dedicated purley to curly hair could be successful, I would have been doubtful! How wrong could I be! I’m psyched to talk to this weeks guest, Matthew Surplice, the founder and owner of Spring – the UK’s first dedicated curly hair salon, and today he’ll be sharing how he found success by niching down to specialise in curly hair only.

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of niching down. But why?  Having a niche is important because if you try to cater to everyone your overall marketing and message won’t actually speak to anyone. Being all things to all people can give your business a less competitive advantage, to those who ‘find their niche‘. With Spring finding it’s niche specialising in curly hair, we’ll hear why meeting the needs of a very specific group of people has been a far better alternative for it’s salon business.

There’s so much to learn about Spring’s point of difference to that of any other salon in the UK, and how they are cutting, styling and colouring curly hair only using their trademarked Curl by Curl techniques. We talk so many great things here in this episode today, that includes hearing why Matthew started his journey into the arena of specialising in curly hair, and how you should be cutting and styling curly hair. It’s a valuable lesson for us all!

I know you’ll get a lot from my conversation with Matthew, and how educated you’ll be in both curly hair and niching down to find your point of difference in hairdressing. Let’s jump to it and spread the curly love!


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Special thanks to Matthew Surplice for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Show notes

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s interview
  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro
  • >> 05 min 07 sec: Background to Matthew
  • >> 08 min 34 sec: The early journey to specialising in curly hair for Matthew
  • >> 13 min 46 sec: Coming back from the US to the UK to become a curl specialist
  • >> 17 min 35 sec: Opening the UK’s first dedicated salon dedicated to curly hair
  • >> 21 min 23 sec: Difficulties in recruiting staff
  • >> 23 min 27 sec: Concept behind the Spring Salon
  • >> 28 min 17 sec: The Curl by Curl trademark haircut
  • >> 31 min 40 sec: Number system to curl patterns and characteristics
  • >> 33 min 06 sec: How Spring Salon cut and style curly hair
  • >> 40 min 42 sec: Colouring curly hair
  • >> 44 min 33 sec: Growing the movement of curly hair into the main stream through education
  • >> 51 min 37 sec: Matthew’s top tip for working with curly hair
  • >> 54 min 21 sec: Last Questions That Has Nothing to do With Hair
  • >> 55 min 05 sec: Show outro

Todays guest

Since Matthew was 14 he worked in a local salon as a Saturday junior and really enjoyed it. On leaving school at 16, Matthew decided to embark on a carrer working in advertising, but at the age of 24 was drawn back in hairdressing by joining to train at Toni&Guy. After a few years he left and worked for Saks and eventually Umberto Giannini. Eventually he decided to work for himself renting a chair which gave him the freedom to explore different areas in hair, namely natural curls. The more he looked into it, the more it interested him. He learned all about a technique in which you cut hair in its dry, natural state and how to get the best out of the curls using moisture to enrich the hair. He ended up in New York where he trained and learned about curls. On returning back to the UK he ran with it ever since, and has been working exclusively with curls since 2009. Ten years on, he still get’s surprised by it every day.
springisinthehair.com @springisinthehair How To Cut It (16-25 Year Olds)    

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