EP091: Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Next (and WIN a) Photoshoot – with Chris Bulezuik

Today we have a career changing episode for you. I’m joined by the highly acclaimed hair and beauty photographer, Chris Bulezuik and he’s giving you the chance to win an amazing professional photoshoot package worth over £8,000 with an A-Team of industry figures, and all in aid of a great cause. But before we get to it, Chris is going to share ten ways to get the most out of your next photoshoot. RESULT!!

From landing your images in the world’s trade press to winning industry awards, capturing a great set of photographic images of your work has the power to propel you hairdressing career to a new heights. With this in mind, Chris will be offering all his experience of being behind the lens, by breaking down some top tips so you can maximise your next photoshoots full potential and investment.

Through his work, Chris strives to capture a subject’s essence and individuality while retaining an organic aesthetic. People are his inspiration. With this approach to his photographic work has seen Chris achieve big successes for many of his clients photographed work – including one of hairdressing most shared and popular images of 2017 that he shot for John Spanton (more on that during the interview).

If you want to have the opportunity to learn the essentials to capturing great images of your work, todays interview with Chris will not disappoint. And, if you’re also looking for a once-in-a-lifetime prize by working with two of British hairdressing’s creative leaders, Darren Ambrose and Clayde Baumann at the multi award winning D & J Ambrose, then take note of whats up for offer in an incredible competition that Chris has organised in aid of blood cancer charity Bloodwise, with 100% of proceeds going to the charity. It’s all here in our conversation with Chris. You really won’t want to miss out!

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Special thanks to Chris Bulezuik for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Show notes

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode
  • 00 sec 30 sec: Show intro
  • 05 min 08 sec: Teaser to what can be won in today’s conversation with Chris
  • 06 min 18 sec: An intro into Chris as photographer
  • 10 min 54 sec: Chris’s career changing image with John Spanton
  • 15 min 44 sec: Why a hairstylist should work with a photographer on a photoshoot
  • 18 min 56 sec: 1 – Start with a clear concept
  • 20 min 16 sec: 2 – Create the right team
  • 21 min 05 sec: 3 – Be prepared
  • 23 min 39 sec: 4 – Shared vison
  • 25 min 47 sec: 5 – Hold a casting involving your photographer
  • 26 min 47 sec: 6 – Selecting the right model
  • 28 min 08 sec: 7 – Issue a call sheet
  • 30 min 09 sec: 8 – Let the photographer shoot the shoot
  • 32 min 39 sec: 9 – You can fix this in Photoshop!?!
  • 34 min 37 sec: 10 – Share the love
  • 38 min 08 sec: Backstory to the chairitable competition to win a photoshoot
  • 44 min 12 sec: How to enter the competition
  • 47 min 37 sec: How is the winner selected
  • 49 min 30 sec: How to find Chris online
  • 50 min 20 sec: Dom’s Big 5 Questions
  • 52 min 09 sec: Show outro

Todays guest

Chris Bulezik is a professional portrait, hair and beauty photographer based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. Prior to becoming a professional photographer Chris developed a successful career in the advertising and media industry, working for some of the uk’s largest clients and agencies and it was here where he developed his passion for imagery. Through his work, Chris strive’s to capture a subject’s essence and individuality while retaining an organic aesthetic. People are his inspiration. He starts with a character or personality and then builds the mood, tone and production of the final images around them.
chrisbulezuik.co.uk facebook.com/chrisbulezuikphotography Darren Ambrose Clayde Beauman AJC PR Bloodwise To enter the competition and donate £10 to Bloodwise hairstylists simply need to text the word ENTER to 70577*.  

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