EP090: Being the Great Showman of Hairdressing’s Live Stage – with Simon Shaw

Global Artistic Director of Wahl (UK), Simon Shaw is a huge attraction at major exhibitions with his success extending beyond the UK, as demand for his unique showmanship has seen him undertake successful tours in over 20 countries. But who is this showman away from hairdressings live stage? Simon’s here today to share an open and frank interview with us all, giving a rare insight into his life, influential role at Wahl (UK), and the story that’s seen him rise to become one of the most popular & highly regarded hairdressers & barbers within the industry.

It all started for Simon far away from the bright lights of the global hair stages. Launching his hairdressing career on the Youth Training Scheme (today’s equivilant of an Apprenticeship) in his hometown of Barnsley, England, his natural leadership qualities combined with a passionate and committed approach to hairdressing education, Simon’s talents stood him out as the perfect frontman of the stage… something the Wahl (UK) quickly identified in him.

Today leading his Wahl Artistic team at exhibitions, seminars and courses around the globe, this cheeky say-it-as-you-see-it Northern lad has come a long way from those early YTS days. Charged with producing the Wahl hairdressing stages to be the most fun and exciting hairdressing stages, Simon is undoubtedly a leading star in hairdressing. So don’t just take our word for it – let’s get in to learning how it all unfolded for Simon by hitting that play button.


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Special thanks to Simon Shaw for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Show notes

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode 
  • 00 min 30 sec: Shows intro
  • 06 min 07 sec: Who is Simon Shaw
  • 10 min 09 sec: The early Simon Shaw
  • 14 min 10 sec: Why it’s not all about awards
  • 16 min 10 sec: How Simon got the taste of being on stage
  • 17 min 57 sec: Simon’s production of the Wahl stage
  • 21 min 19 sec: Simon away from the stage
  • 24 min 05 sec: Why it was a tough time for Simon at Salon International 2018
  • 29 min 07 sec: Being around a team and family
  • 30 min 23 sec: How Simon journey to starting and growing with Wahl
  • 31 min 30 sec: Simon’s weight loss
  • 33 min 57 sec: The seperation or not of men’s and ladies hairdressing
  • 35 min 44 sec: Simon’s advice to anyone opening a barber shop
  • 41 min 12 sec: The recent barbering renaissance
  • 38 min 06 sec: Simon’s advice to entering into barbering and training
  • 44 min 07 sec: The elevation of barbering will remain strong
  • 45 min 22 sec: What Simon’s barbershop would look like
  • 47 min 27 sec: The 100th year anniversary of Wahl
  • 49 min 03 sec: Committing to Wahl for longterm future
  • 51 min 25 sec: Hard work and dedication
  • 52 min 03 sec: How to get involved with Wahl
  • 54 min 59 sec: Simons favourite trade show to perform at
  • 57 min 38 sec: Dom’s Big 5 Questions
  • 1 hr 00 min 23 sec: Show outro

Todays guest

One of the most inspiring & motivating hairdressers within the industry, Simon Shaw, Global Artistic Director of Wahl (UK) is known for his innovative & fun approach to education. Simon’s innovative Wahl Academy wet goods range won the Best Men’s range at the Hair Awards and the accolades do not stop there, as Simon also won the first ever Grand Master Barber award. Simon is known for his passion towards education as he designs, develops and hosts Wahl seminars & courses. Now after many successful years with Wahl (UK), Simon is one of the most popular & highly regarded hairdressers & barbers within the industry. Passionate & committed with a desire to make every presentation, stage show or Academy seminar that he is part of fun & exciting, Simon is undoubtedly one of leading stars within hairdressing.
wahl.co.uk @wahlprouk  

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