EP085: How to Build a Highly Profitable Salon Business and Team with Kym Krey

Are you exhausted, working crazy hours, yet not making the money you need? Are you determined to take your business to the next level but you’re unsure how to approach it? If you’ve just answered yes to either or both of these questions, then todays episode could be one of the most important listens you have in 2019! We’re about to get a salon business masterclass with leading Salon Strategist, Speaker and Mentor, Kym Krey. Be sure to load and lock-in!

More often not, we start out on our salon owners life dreaming of a highly profitable business. But with the best intentions in the world to succeed, certain circumstance can take our business off track, plateau or loose direction to where we’re going with it. Today thats going to change, because Kym is about to get you back on track again. She’s going to share with us some very valuable lessons that will help get you re-focused and re-energised in getting back control of your business direction, helping to take your salon business and team back to where it should be. Highly Profitable!

If you need to transform the profitability of your service business, ignite and inspire your team, perfect your client service experience, be guided through a difficult business situation or be advised on the viability of a potential new site, Kym Krey’s your go-to girl. She’s a proven service industry business specialist, helping owners and managers to significantly increase profit, maximise results and develop strong teams that kick butt!

I know how much this interview will motivate you to transform the way you run your salon business. It’s jam packed with rich content and take-away action points from one of the hair industries leading salon mentors. Having Kym by your side today will help accelerate your salon business back up in to the fast lane. Lets get set and amped up for the year ahead!

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Special thanks to Kym Krey for joining me today.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Show notes

Heres some of what we cover in today’s episode
  • >> 00 sec 31 sec: Show intro
  • >> 05 min 15 sec: Backstory to Kym
  • >> 12 min 42 sec: Why salons find it difficult to make their business highly profitable
  • >> 17 min 16 sec: Why you need to understand your expenses
  • >> 24 min 10 sec: How to address price increases
  • >> 27 min 17 sec: Address why your prices don’t reflect you business
  • >> 29 min 49 sec: How to get your team re-renergised
  • >> 34 min 08 sec: 5 steps to developing your salon and team
  • >> 47 min 11 sec: How much time should you be dividing being on the salon floor to managing your business
  • >> 48 min 59 sec: How to work with Kym
  • >> 50 min 57 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • >> 53 min 10 sec: Show outro

Todays guest

Kym Krey is a salon business specialist with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience spanning over 34 years. She’s managed salons at all levels from single sites to national chains and has taken three of her own businesses from start-up to successful, award-winning salons.
kymkrey.co.au Work With Kym Facebook – The Salon Mentor

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