EP081: Frazer Wallace – Revisiting the Young Guns of Hair… 1 Year On!

To be British Hairdressings Newcomer of the Year 2017, teaching at the L’Oreal Academy and being part of The Fellowship for British Hairdressings FAME Team. These were the 3 goals that Frazer Wallace set himself for the year ahead when I brought him on to the show in November 2017 for the very first episode of Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair (Edition 1).

A series dedicated to putting the spotlight on todays rising stars of the hair industry, we follow a group of young up and coming British hairstylists and barbers. Documenting their hairdressing journeys we bring each one of our Young Guns of Hair guests back on to the show over a period of 5 years to update us on their progress within their personal hairdressing careers, and learn whether or not they are hitting the goals that they set themselves since their previous interviews. No pressure, eh!

Just over 1 year has passed since that last interview I had with Frazer. Expect some twists and turns since that conversation, as we’re going to learn whats changed in Frazer’s career, and hows them goals that hit set himself back in 2017 worked out? We’re also going to hear what does he want to achieve in the next 2 year when we next bring him back onto the show. No time to wait, let’s get to it!


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Special thanks to Frazer Wallace for joining me today.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Show notes

Here’ some of what we cover in today’s episode
  • >> 00 min 29 sec: Show intro
  • >> 04 min 32 sec: Where Frazer is currently working and why
  • >> 05 min 10 sec: Current role at the Ena salon
  • >> 10 min 18 sec: What happened to Frazer being a Newcomer of the Year finalist at the British Hairdressing Awards 2017
  • >> 16 min 11 sec: An update on Frazer’s ambitions
  • >> 17 min 38 sec: Influenced for a change in Frazer
  • >> 18 min 53 sec: Frazers signature style of work update
  • >> 20 min 39 sec: Having mentors passing on the baton
  • >> 23 min 09 sec: Does Frazer still have the ambition of doing education work for L’Oreal
  • >> 24 min 27 sec: Being a leading educator
  • >> 27 min 02 sec: The upsides to being a hairdresser – what’s changed
  • >> 29 min 32 sec: Why it’s to easy to put to much pressure on yourselves
  • >> 31 min 50 sec: Having genuine followers on social media
  • >> 33 min 28 sec: Recognising the new generation of hairdressers coming through
  • >> 35 min 56 sec: What did Frazer want to achieve 1 year ago
  • >> 38 min 32 sec: Being that much better of a person
  • >> 39 min 28 sec: Frazer rounds up year
  • >> 41 min 05 sec: Whats Frazer’s career goals for the next 2 years
  • >> 44 min 21 sec: Where can we find more on Frazer
  • >> 44 min 39 sec: HairClubLive #OpenChairNight
  • >> 47 min 01 sec: Show outro

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