EP076: Tom Chapman – From Salon Owner to an Educator, Platform Artist, Public Speaker and Author

You don’t have to be a salon owner! Yep, that’s right because I’m joined today by previous guest of the HTCI Podcast, Tom Chapman, The Lions Barber Collective founder and the now award winning barber, author, public speaker, global ambassador and international educator who has come away from being a salon owner since we last spoke back in Episode 20. With new doors of opportunity opening themselves to Tom, he is social proof that if you don’t strive to being a salon owner then there are many other exciting options out there in the hair industry.

When he isn’t  educating as a platform artist around the globe for top hair brands, he is regularly being featured in international TV and press appearances on raising the awareness of suicide prevention and mental health within young men through The Lions Barber Collective. On the back of this fantastic work that he is doing, Tom was invited to deliver a TED Talk. And most recently Tom became the author of his first published book The Barber Boom, with his second book BarberTalk becoming available in 2019.

But please take note to the above! If you think a few posts on social media will make all of this happen, then think again! It has taken Tom bags of time, dedication, passion, ambition, hard work, and most of all, being prepared to make big life changes to making all this happen. If this sounds like something that you’re prepared to do, then take note of what Tom is about to share. It may just set you off on a new career pathway that you never knew existed when you first started out in the hair industry.

Now, before we tune in to Tom’s brilliant conversation, I’ve to say that you must stick around to the very end of this episode today, because I’ll be telling you how you can win one of 2 signed copies of The Barber Boom book. So listen in, the answer is in the interview! Enjoy!


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Special thanks to Tom Chapman for joining me today.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

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