EP073: Ben Russell – Why a Successful UK Hairstylist Made the Move to Work in Australia

If you have ever, or are considering taking your hairdressing career to a completely new country, then todays episode is a must listen.I’m joined by Ben Russell, a successful London based hairstylist, who one day decided to pack he’s bags and travel off to Australia to work with one of it’s leading hairdressers, Frank Apostolopoulos.

On winning the London L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2015 and becoming a British Hairdressing Awards finalist, Ben’s industry profile within British hairdressing was going off big time! So at the height of all of this success, what did he decide to do? Take a completely new direction and travelled to the other side off the world. But why I hear you say! Well, that’s exactly the conversation we’re about to have with Ben today.

When I had the pleasure to first meet and introduce Ben to the stage at the launch of #OpenChairNight in a packed boozer in London’s Kings Cross in 2014, I knew right then that Ben had that something special to see him go right to the top. Since that night I’ve watched on as his career has grown. Now in Australia this charismatic lad from the South West of England is tearing it up there, with him becoming part of the Australian FAME 2018 team – something he will tell you about today, along with how he creating lists of goals to attract the things he want’s to get out of his life. EPIC!

If you’re still unsure on whether traveling to a new country to work as hairstylist is a good idea or not, then I highly recommend you listen in on Ben’s incredibly inspiring words for such a young fella. I’m ultra confident that he will help you take that push towards that special step and travel to a new country to work.

So passengers, put your headphones on, fasten your seatbelts, and lets take off to a new destination with the brilliant, Ben Russell.

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Special thanks to Ben Russell for joining me today.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

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