EP068: Alan Austin-Smith – How to be a Fantastic Hairdresser

My guest today is one of the most motivational coaches and speakers you’ll ever come across in the hair industry. I’m sitting down for a conversation with Alan Austin-Smith, who is the co-founder of The Fantastic Hairdresser – an educational programme that offers a unique range of courses, business coaching and programmes for the hair industry.

Alan’s philosophy is – “50% of what makes someone ‘fantastic’ at their job – has nothing to do with their job. It’s the other stuff that makes the difference – communication skills, confidence, self motivation, customer delight etc…”

In todays episode, Alan is going to share this philosophy that has helped thousands of hairdressers, barbers and salon owners change the way they work. Showing you how focusing on ‘the other stuff’ will lead to more success, profit and financial freedom.

I’ll guarantee that after you’ve listened in to Alan’s story and motivational words today, that you’ll be more pumped up and inspired about hairdressing than you were before you first tuned! It’s an uplifting listen from a hair industry legend!

As Alan say’s: “If you want change, change something!”. So what are you waiting for! Hit that play button and get started to your new steps of becoming a Fantastic Hairdresser!


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Special thanks to Alan Austin-Smith for joining me today. Until next time!

Show notes

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode
  • 00 min 30 sec: Dom’s show intro
  • 04 min 56 sec: Alan’s career story in hairdressing
  • 24 min 02 sec: The moment The fantastic Hairdresser was born
  • 28 min 00 sec: 50% of what makes a fantastic hairdresser
  • 29 min 40 sec: Going from hairdresser to coach
  • 34 min 54 sec: An amazing business is hairdressing
  • 36 min 19 sec: Why the team is the critical factor to a successful business
  • 41 min 54 sec: How to get a team engaged
  • 48 min 00 sec: Having the right mix to getting your passion back
  • 52 min 31 sec: The journey to The Fantastic Hairdresser brand
  • 55 min 43 sec: The Fantastic Hairdresser book
  • 01 hr 00 min 43 sec: The future of The Fantastic Hairdresser
  • 01 hr 03 min 53 sec: The Fantastic Coach
  • 01 hr 05 min 11 sec: Why the creation of The Fantastic Hairdresser product range
  • 01 hr 10 min 00 sec: Where to find out more
  • 01 hr 12 min 29 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • 01 hr 14 min 40 sec: Dom’s show outro

Todays guest

As co-founder of The Fantastic Hairdresser, Alan Austin-Smith is a man on a mission. He kicked-off his hairdressing career aged 16 at Vidal Sassoon, Bond Street. Before then moving onto L’Oreal to work his way through the ranks, quickly becoming the youngest departmental head they’d ever had – leading a team dedicated to helping salons improve their business skills. Realising that there was a niche market here, he then left L’Oreal and started The Fantastic Hairdresser Company – dedicated to teaching salon owners and the team how to achieve ongoing success and turn their creativity into profit. Fast forward 30 years, Alan has worked with over 150,000 hairdressers, with a client base that reads like a who’s who of the industry. This acclaimed author and inspirer knows how to bring the entertainment factor to education and is skilled at making you laugh while you learn!