EP063: Anna Cofone – What it Really Takes to Become a Session Stylist

Anna Cofone is on the show today, and she’s about to lay down the realities on what it takes to become a session stylist. If you’re considering entering into this high-octane, fast moving and competitive side of the industry, I know that this episode with Anna will be one of the best listens you’ll have to working as a session stylist, EVER!

Anna is at the top of the game right now when it comes to being a leading session stylist, but this didn’t just happen overnight for her. It has been her hard working ethic installed by her inspirational father of giving blood, sweat and tears to your cause that has enabled her to get to where she is today.

Starting her hairdressing career over 10 years ago with salon group Harringtons after developing a passion for hair whilst studying performing arts, it wasn’t until she was given several international fashion projects to work on after winning the L’Oreal 2001 Talent Spotting competition that shaped Anna’s decision to pursue a career as a session stylist.

Now a top international session stylist, she spends her time travelling the globe shooting for all the leading fashion publications, working on high-profile runway shows, as well as frequently collaborating with singers Lana Del Ray and Dua Lipa.

This episode is jam-packed full with insight after insight into what it really takes to become a session stylist. And be sure you stick around to the end of my chat with Anna. She’s going to be offering someone the amazing opportunity to assisting her in this hard working world of fashion, runway shows, collaborations and more!

Buzzing for it? I am, so lets get to it!

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Special thanks to Anna Cofone for joining me today. Until next time!

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