EP057: Tegan Robertson – Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair (Edition 4)

Becoming a newly qualified hairstylist is a BIG deal! But becoming a new qualified hairstylist at one of the hottest salon names in hairdressing right now, is an even BIGGER deal!

To share this moment I’ve Tegan Robertson aka ‘The Totally Tropical Dream Queen’ on the show today, who has recently done just that – successfully completing her training apprenticeship under the guidance of leading hairdresser, Sophia Hilton at ‘Not Another Salon’.

A perfect role model for young people starting out in their hairdressing career, we’re going to hear first-hand on Tegan’s  journey into hair and what the industry really means for her. She’ll also be sharing the trials and tribulations of what it’s really like to be an apprentice, and more so what it’s like to be a millennial in our ever changing industry.

I love nothing better than putting the spotlight on hairdressings next generation and hearing them talk of their future goals, dreams and visions – something that Tegan is about to reveal to us all today. And as with all our ‘Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair’ guests, I can’t wait to bring Tegan back in one years time to hear if she’s hit those goals that she has set herself.

Let’s get comfy and listen in to Tegan’s multi-coloured world!


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Special thanks to Tegan Robertson for joining me today. Until next time!


Show notes

Here’s just some of the things we discuss in today’s episode
  • • Who is Tegan Robertson
  • • The early story to Tegan growing up in Zimbabwe, South Africa
  • • Tegan’s pathway to hairdressing
  • • Going to work at Not Another Salon
  • • How hair industry events excited Tegan
  • • Training at Not Another Salon
  • • Tegan’s greatest strength in hairdressing
  • • A typical working day at Not Another Salon
  • • Blogging and Social Media
  • • The Boss lady, Sophia Hilton
  • • A fear of talking in front of people
  • • Projects Tegan is involved
  • • Tegan’s year goals

Todays guest

My name is Tegan Robertson aka The Totally Tropical Technicolour Dream Queen…. which is a title I most definitely made to for myself, however very fitting. I’ve been gracing this planet with my presence for a mere 24 years. I currently work at a little salon on Brick Lane called Not Another Salon and my hair adventure began a short 3 years ago. I don’t want to give much away but I’m going to share a little bit more about myself within this podcast. I hope you enjoy!