EP054: Hair By Adam – Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair (Edition 3)

At just 15 years of age, Adam Winwood aka Hair by Adam is smashing it on Instagram with his beautiful hair updos!

Part of a new generation of hairdressings social media sensations, Adam has been creating both a massive following and generating bags of likes on his @hairbyadam Instagram page. In today’s Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair (Edition 3) episode we’re going to learn how Adam has become the social media star that he is, and why he’s being labelled as the next Patrick Cameron.

Adam started out styling hair on his cousin’s Bratz dolls at just 9! Since then this quiet and unassuming young lad from the West Midlands, UK, industry profile has literally gone global. He’s being doing lots of shows, become a Styling Ambassador for the Matrix hair brand, and most recently was invited to do hair on the Late Night Tev Finger TV show in New York. And all by the age of just 15! AMAZING!

I’m seriously impressed with Adam. Not only because he’s created such a buzz around his online profile, but more on how he backs all this up with doing spectacular hair updos that those with many more years experience than him would be proud to achieve.

I can’t wait to learn how Adam wants his career in hairdressing to grow and develop, and I know you will too! So sit back, relax and enjoy!


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Special thanks to Adam Winwood for joining me today. Until next time!


Show notes

Here’s some of the things we cover in this episode
  • • Adam’s intro into hairdressing
  • • Adam’s hair.by.adam Instagram page
  • • How and why Adam specialises in hair updos
  • • The thought process to Adam’s work
  • • What Adam’s workspace and choice of hair tools are
  • • How Adam creates his looks
  • • Adam’s YouTube channel
  • • Why being a celebrity hairstylist is something Adam would like to achieve
  • • Why James Davies has been instrumental in Adam’s career
  • • How Salon International excited Adam
  • • Going to New York to appear on the Late Night Tev Finger Show
  • • The Adam at school
  • •  The business side to Adam’s work
  • • How Adam became a Styling Ambassador for a leading hair product brand
  • • What’s the big goal for Adam’s career growth and development

Todays guest

15 year old Adam loves everything about hair. Hairdressing for about 6 years now, he has no plans to stop any time soon! Adam started becoming interested in doing hair when he was around nine, styling his cousin’s Bratz dolls. However, Adam got frustrated when his doll’s hair was getting knotty, so his mom bought him a 100% real hair styling head and a very basic kit for Christmas when he was 10. When Adam’s not hairdressing, he’s listening to Beyonce, shopping for clothes and taking Snapchat selfies with my cat.