EP290: Maintaining the Quality Standards of the Hair Industry with Emma Jarvis

In todays episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Emma Jarvis, a multi-award winning salon owner and educator. Emma joins me to dive deep into her latest venture, The Hair Base finishing school.

We get to learn how The Hair Base finishing school’s groundbreaking 12-week program is designed to empower and equip newly qualified stylsits as well as individuals who are taking a break from the industry, with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in their craft. Essential skills such as effective client communication, marketing prowess, and a deep understanding of the business side of hairdressing.

Recognising the challenges faced by traditional colleges, particularly limited practical training time, Emma advocates for a more innovative and socially aware approach to training. She emphasises the importance of staying abreast of social media trends and evolving industry dynamics.

With her wealth of experience, Emma is also to provides us with invaluable insights into the current state of the hairdressing industry.

She passionately discusses various topics, including industry standards, recruitment practices, and the training landscape. Emma firmly believes that traditional hairdressing schools often fall short in preparing aspiring stylists for the reality of running a successful salon.

Emma is passionate about the hairdressing industry and believes that there are many issues that need to be addressed.

Let’s dive in!



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Thank you to Emma Jarvis for joining me on todays podcast.

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