EP291: Crafting the Iconic Denman Brush – Insights from Denman’s Design Engineer, Marcus McCay

A podcast episode sponsored by Denman Professional

In today’s podcast we are sitting down for a conversation with Marcus McCay, a design engineer at Denman International. Marcus is part  of the team responsible for the design and development of the iconic Denman brushes that many of us use daily in our salons and barbers.

Marcus is to reveal the secrets behind the iconic Denman brushes. We discover the design purpose and the art of creating brushes that cater to different hair types, hair care, and styling needs. Plus we gain insights into the importance of tension in styling and why customer feedback matters to the keeping Denman ahead of the competition.

We also touch on the challenges of staying relevant to fashion trends and finding inspiration from other industries.

What about the sustainability aspect of the Denman? Specifically addressing the use of plastics, Marcus will explain why Denman brushes are designed to be durable and responsibly disposed of at the end of their lifespan, embracing the concept of “less is more” by striving to use less polymer in their manufacturing process. As Marcus says, “Designing for disassembly is also a key consideration, ensuring the brushes can be easily cleaned and maintained.”

And for all you design geeks, we cover why ergonomics and anthropometrics play a crucial role in ensuring the brushes feel comfortable in the hand.

If you’re passionate about the styling tools that you use and want to gain a deeper understanding of Denman brushes design and manufacturing, and their commitment to sustainability, then this episode provides a fascinating look into it.


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Thank you Marcus McCay for joining me on todays podcast.

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