EP261: Align with a Brand to Help your Business and Profile Grow – Christian Wiles

Here’s something for you: Work with another brand that aligns to your business, profile and core values. But why does this matter? What does it mean?

Put simply, having a strong loyal relationship with a brand will help your business and profile grow through support, education and aligned core values. So what examples do we have of a business and a profile successfully aligning with a brand?

Thats what we are going to share with you today,

In the last of our four part collaborative podcast series with MATRIX UKI, I have joining me on the show MATRIX & BIOLAGE Artist Ambassador and owner of Wiles Studios in Northampton, UK, Christian Wiles. Christian’s salon business and profile has long aligned itself with the MATRIX brand. Through this beautiful and successful partnership, Christian has gone on to become a dedicated member of the Matrix Artistic team for more than a decade and an influential role within the Matrix haircare brand. A perfect harmonious relationship for his business, profile and the MATRIX brand!

So in this episode I have many questions I want to ask him. I want to learn on the opportunities working with MATRIX has given to  him and his business? Creatively, I want to learn how he shoots collections. Entering industry awards? What hair work of his transfers best to social media? What are his go-to trusted hair products? And having studied Fashion Forecasting & Trend Predictions at Central Saint Martin’s, what’s his thoughts on the latest trends in hair colour and care?

Listen in on this conversation to understand why need to align with a brand to help grow your business and profile. I also urge you to learn more on Christians reference to colour and the MATRIX formulations that will be best suited for quick free inspiration HERE. Check it out!



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Todays podcast is in collaboration with MATRIX.

Matrix haircare and hair colour


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Thank you to Christian Wiles for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Show notes

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Christian Wiles
  • 04 min 14 sec: Becoming afFinalist at British Hairdressing Awards 2022.
  • 06 min 12 sec: The commercial value of shooting a hair collection.
  • 09 min 10 sec: Hair work that transfers best to social media?.
  • 11 min 48 sec: How working with another brand like Matrix can align with your own brand and help your business and profile grow.
  • 20 min 31 sec: Massive shift for the MATRIX brand.
  • 22 min 05 sec: Understanding where hair trends come from.
  • 25 min 22 sec: Trends in colour and care.
  • 31 min 34 sec: Adapting colours for haircuts.
  • 33 min 20 sec: Christian’s favourite MATRIX colours and products.
  • 35 min 04 sec: What opportunities working with MATRIX has given to Christian.

Todays guest

Matrix & Biolage Artist Ambassador, Christian Wiles is a multi-award-winning hair stylist, industry influencer and educator who is fiercely passionate about delivering hairdressing excellence. He is widely recognised for his colour expertise, cutting mastery and bridging the gap between ladies and gentlemen’s hairdressing. Christian has been a dedicated member of the Matrix Artistic team for more than a decade whilst successfully running his Christian Wiles salon business in Northampton, UK. His accolades include prestigious national titles to include, Salon Business Awards Ultimate Stylist of The Year and Gentleman’s Hairdresser of the year, twice winner of Best Men’s Hairdresser for Hair Magazine and twice winner of the BHBA Male Grooming Salon of The Year. He has also been named as a finalist in the Creative Head Most Wanted awards, twice Men’s Hairdresser of The Year and Eastern Hairdresser of the year at the British Hairdressing Awards.  
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